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Celeriac Seeds - Mars

Celeriac Seeds - Mars
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Average Packet Contents 150 seeds

Celeriac 'Mars' is a modern and delicious bred variety that grows large, uniformed roots, that holds huge healthy crops. The interiors stay firm, even while the roots remain large, and they strong and sturdy in the ground. As they hold themself so well in soil, these upright plants result in less splash from rain and are unlikely to suffer from celery leaf spot. Once they are ready to harvest, these crops will store well and make a great addition to homemade slaws, salads and sandwiches! Just grate raw and enjoy.

Sow in a propagator on a windowsill or in a greenhouse at minimum 18C (65F) using a good quality compost. Cover the seeds with 3mm (1/8") compost (Germination up to 21 days). Transplant seedlings singly into 5cm (2") pots or into trays, grow on and finally plant out 23-30cm (9-12") apart, in tows 38cm (15") apart, when all chance of frost has passed. Water regularly during dry spells. Once the bulb starts to form, remove the lower leaves to encourage further growth.