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Seed Tape - Beetroot Boltardy

Seed Tape - Beetroot Boltardy
Sales price £2.99

Smooth-skinned roots of fine colour, ideal for exhibition. Resistant to bolting and recommended for early sowing. (115 seeds)
Do you have trouble handling small seed and getting an even distribution? Sometimes it's not easy when the seed is the same colour as the soil! When the seedlings emerge, do you find thinning them out a real chore?
If the answer is yes - then Suttons Groweasy Seed Tapes are just the thing for you.
Pre-spaced seed in a tape - less thinning out! 6m of bio-degradable tape per pack.
Simply prepare your soil, draw out a groove, roll out your tape, cover with soil, water well and watch your seedlings grow!